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These imported wooden flooring are extensively used for commercial as well as residential flooring. Our flooring is solid, engineered and laminated. A wide selection of wooden laminate flooring gives excellent value for money. We have wide range to offer in various wooden effects.

Laminate wooden flooring was found in sweden in 1980. Since then there is a continuous development in the product and now laminate flooring is one among the commonly used product in India.

Artful Home deals with top brands in world and is marketing and installing wooden flooring at Coimbatore, Tiruppur, Erode and Ooty for quite some time. We see a good growth rate in wooden flooring and usage of wooden flooring has increased to considerable volume

The top layer of laminate wooden flooring consists of an overlay to protect against wear and tear and a design layer, which depending on the production process is made from one or several layers. The surface coating is composed of a special synthetic resin-treated cellulose to give the floor a tough, durable surface. The decorative layer gives the laminate flooring an attractive appearance. and below that is the wooden composite core (HDF). The bottom layer is watertight layer that improves the structural stability and serves as a moisture barrier. These layers are permanently bonded with resin, heat and pressure. The laminate wooden floors is well suited for Indian weather conditions.


  • Laminate flooring comes with different shades. It is available in all wooden designs lie oak, walnut, bamboo and you can even select wooden flooring with natural designs like stones, ceramic, floral and many more. The printing process can bring huge design patterns.
  • The cleaning process of laminate wooden flooring is simple and easy as the wear layer in the woooden floor protects from stain and spill. Regular floor cleaning liquids that is available in India such as lizol can be used to clean the floor.
  • Out of all types of flooring, wooden flooring is the most easiest to way. It takes just 4 to 5 hours to Install a room. We at Artful Home, Coimbatore have well experienced trained installation people for laying the floor.
  • Laminate flooring can be layed on any surface like cement, tiles, marbles, granite. There is no need to do any rework on the floor to lay the wooden flooring
  • Laminate flooring has a natural resistant for the growth of bacteria. It is good for health and especially for elders in cold climate
  • Laminate wooden flooring comes with 25 - 30 years warranty.
  • The advantage that others floors doesn't have is, it can be relayed at an other location. While shifting your home, you can even shift your wooden flooring


  • Regular sweeping prevents such scratches from forming. Do not use a standard floor brush. Sweep in the direction that the laminate floor tiles were laid. Do not allow any liquid, even water, to sit on the floor for prolonged periods. Hot water is often considered one of the best ways to clean laminate flooring because, when done correctly, it will not leave streaks.