Tips for Interior Ideas for bed room

Interior Ideas for bed room

    Designing and Decorating your Master Bedroom

    Lot of importance is given while designing or decorating your mster bedroom as we spend a lot of time here and more over it's a personal room for you.

  1. A niche behind the bed offers an additional place to put anything you want. For Indian conditions, you should always keep in mind about the dust accumulation in niches on maintenance part.
  2. Divide a room geometrically into task-oriented zones — working, sleeping, relaxing
  3. You should have furniture made in the correct width, height, and depth for the scale of a room.
  4. Design options behind the bed

    Floral design Wall Papers or Wall Coverings floral-wallpaper
    Natural Stone design Wall Papers or Wall Coverings floral-wallpaper How to select a bed
  5. How to select a bedside table or night stand
  6. Decide whether you need one or two bedside table or night stand
  7. Do you need a night lamp on bedside table. Make sure the electrical provision for night lamps are given while planning your room.
  8. A bedside table should have enough surface to place a book, a drink or a cell phone (other than lamp shade)
  9. If you like to read in bed, make sure the bottom of your lampshade is about at your shoulder height so it illuminates the page.
  10. Electical Outlet
  11. 2 Electrical Point : One (to be placed near the door)- Main Light, Fan, Night lamp
    Two (opposite wall to the bedroom) -
  12. Painting
  13. Anything too vibrant will distract from the relaxing feeling you're trying to create. Opt for colours that are restful shades and soothing. Soft greens, blues and lavenders create a feeling of calmness and serenity
  14. White Bedroom Colors - Predominantly white bedrooms are blank slates, promoting moods of peace, rejuvenation, and the opportunity for fresh starts.
    Light Bedroom Colors - Warm hues in the bedroom suggest strong character, creating charismatic energy and abundant spirit.
    Midtones & Dark Bedroom Colors - When used in bedrooms, calming hues can neutralize negative energy from a bad day and work well towards achieving a deep, restful sleep.
    Create A Soulful Bedroom - Purple bedroom colors are symbolic of spirituality, mystery, and intuition, while blues are known as peaceful, heavenly shades. Together, they are both mellow and revitalizing.