Mosquito Nets & Insect Screens for doors and windows

Velcro Mosquito Nets & Insect Screens

Our PNP Velcro Mosquito nets are the most economical insect screen. It helps to stay protected from mosquitos and other harmful insects. As a stockist, we can offer at best pricing. We have an in-house well trained team for fixing and installation. We install velcro mosquito nets to your existing windows and doors, and we ensure that it keeps all the mosquitoes and flying insect out.

Our Mesh comes with very high quality. The magnetic strip can be attached to timber or wood, aluminium and PVC frames. The easy-to-use corner finger grip allows you to lift the screen from the magnetic strip to enable safe and easy cleaning. By using the PNP Mosquito Screens, it eliminate the need for insect repellents.

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FAQ on Mosquito Nets

What are the colours available in Mosquito Nets or insect screen mesh?

Saint Globain fiber glass Insect screen comes in four colours. It is black, gray, ivory and white. The velcro comes in black for black and gray mesh, For white and ivory the velcro comes in white colour.

How many does it take for delivery the insect screen?

It takes about 3-4 working days to install after taking measurements and confirmation of order

Is the mosquito nets fully washable

Yes. The mesh can be fully washable. See below for the instructions to clean and wash the velcro Mosquito net insect screen

After installing the blinds will it be visible outside

The advantage of Saint Globain insect screen is it's visibility. These mosquito nets have high visibility

Can these be used outdoor

No. The mesh life is not guaranteed for outdoor usage

What is the life expetancy for insect screen mesh?

You can easily expect more than 10 years of life

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Velcro Mosquito Net

Velcro Mosquito Nets

Velcro Mosquito Net

Velcro Insect Screen

Velcro Insect Screen

Mosquito Net

Velcro Mosquito Net

Maintenance and cleaning of PNP Velcro Mosquito Net:

  1. Do not twist or fold the Mosquito Net.
  2. Do not scrub the Mosquito net with any hard brush metal, etc..
  3. To clean the Mosquito Net in the installed condition, use vacuum cleaner or a blower
  4. If you wish to clean the mosquito net with a soft cloth, then remove from the window, put the mesh flat on the floor and wipe the top surface with cloth. Apply some pressure so that the dust is released from the screen.
  5. For occasional washing, please take off the screen from the window and lay it flat on the floor of washing room. Please ensure that you do not bend, twist or fold it. Once the screen is placed flat on the floor, use sponge and dip it in mild bath soap solution. Now wipe the sponge dipped in soap solution on the top of the screen to ensure that the dirt particles are released. You can wash with mild pressure for upto two minutes to remove the dirt particles. Wash again with plain water to remove soap particles. washing is recommended after a gap of atleast 6 months.