Glass Films - Decorative & Frosted for offices and Residence

Glass Film

frosted film

Frosted Glass Film

3M Glass Film

3M Glass Film

Sun Control Film

Sun Control Film

Decorative Glass Film

Decorative Glass Film

PVC Blinds

Digital Glass Film

Glass Film - Dusted/Frosted

Glass Partitions, door, windows, panels, both indoors and outdoors

Easily cut to any shape - logo, graphic, outline, words, etc, by an electronic plotters

Ideal for branding, decor element or privacy

No area coverage restrictions

Privacy for small and large conference rooms, cabins

Diffuses light and can hence be used to create an ambient lighting effect

Designs can be changed/updated without removing glass

Artful Home introduces a range of specialised materials for aesthetic interiors -materials that double up for frosted glass, materials that can be printed upon in unlimited colours and imagery, materials that can be applied on glass. Clear graphics on glass films is also a better alternate.

Advantage of using Glass Film over Etched Glass

  • The glass film from Artful Home offers the look of an etched glass window but at a cheaper cost than etched glass.

  • The glass film is easier to install than etched glass

  • The glass film requires less time to install to your design

  • The glass film holds glass together to lessen the likelihood of flying shards during natural and man-made disasters.
    This gives more safety in the workplace from injury and property damage.

  • It becomes difficult for thefts and make forced entry

  • The glass film from Artful home screens up to 98% of damaging ultraviolet radiation and decreases interior fading. The glass film also cuts glare.

  • The glass film comes with scratch proof

  • It's always easy to change. When the design trend changes, it's easy to remove and change the glass film without any damage to the glass.

  • Window films are widely used in Office, IT Companies, Restaurant, hotels and resorts, retail showrooms, Jewellery Shops, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Residence