Rain Protection for Balcony Bangalore for residences & outdoor

Rain Protection for Balcony Bangalore

Rain protection blinds to cover balcony without windows.
Price (sq.ft) Rs.70 + gst, Shade No.6006

Rain Proof Blinds for Balcony

Fully Transparent Blinds for rain protection. Price (sq.ft) Rs.85 + gst. Transparent with blur effect. Stops wind flow completely.
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Rain protection Balcony Curtains

Rain proof Roll up curtains. Easy to operate Price (sq.ft) Rs.75 + gst. Shade No.6003

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Rain Protection Plastic Curtains

Price (sq.ft) Rs.75 + gst. Shade No.6008. Looks like green bamboo blinds..

Sun & Rain Protection Balcony Blinds - Balcony Screen at Guest House. Shade No.6010
Price (sq.ft) Rs.75 + gst. Shade No.6010. Looks like green bamboo blinds. Whatsapp, text or .

Exterior Balcony Blinds - Waterproof Curtains at Coorg. Shade No. 6004
Price (sq.ft) Rs.75 + gst. Shade No.6004. Looks like green bamboo blinds.Whatsapp, text or .

Fully Blockout Blinds for wind Protection & Dust Protection. Shade No 5001
Price (sq.ft) Rs.85 + gst. Shade No.5001. Blocks sunlight upto 98%..

other most popular fully blackout Blinds
Price (sq.ft) Rs.85 + gst. Shade No.5002. Blocks sunlight upto 98%..
Price (sq.ft) Rs.85 + gst. Shade No.5000. Blocks sunlight upto 98%..

Rain Shades for Balcony. Semi Transparent Exterior Blinds/Curtains at Mr. Gowda, Whitefields. Shade No 4001
Price (sq.ft) Rs.75 + gst. Shade No.4000. .

Balcony Covers & Balcony Coverings with waterproof pvc mat The photo shows the see through level from inside. Transparency Level: 20% (Series 6000)

Inside view of Cord Lock Mechanism of Blinds

ALL PVC Blinds protects rain
PVC Roller Blinds & Balcony Privacy screens

Rs.75 + gst. Semi Transparent Outdoor Blinds - 4001..

PVC Mat for Balcony Screen Rs.75 + gst. Semi Transparent Outdoor Blinds - 4002..
Rain cover for apartment balcony Fully Blockout Blinds - 5003. Price (sq.ft) Rs.85 + gst. Shade No.5003. Blocks sunlight upto 98%..
Outdoor Curtain Shades for Balcony Price (sq.ft) Rs.65 + gst. Partially Blocks sunlight - 6002. .

Ideas to cover Balcony & balcony enclosures with PVC Blinds Price (sq.ft) Rs.75 + gst. Partially Blocks sunlight - 6008. .

Outdoor Curtains - Waterproof Price (sq.ft) Rs.75 + gst. Partially Blocks sunlight - 6009. .

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