Monsoon Blinds for Balcony, Bangalore

Monsoon Blinds for Balcony, Bangalore


We at Artful Home manufacture UV stabilized clear PVC transparent monsoon blinds for outdoor. The monsoon blinds helps to make the rain water away. WE make monsoon blinds with best quality PVC Material.

PVC Monsoon Blinds


Monsoon blinds comes in various thickness. The thickness of monsoon blinds are 0.5mm, 0.65mm, 1mm. The most economical is 0.5mm and the most popular out of all monsoon blinds is 0.65mm

Custom Fit Monsoon Blinds for outdoor


All the monsoon blinds are custom fit. Our executive visits your place with samples and exhibits the models that we have, take measurements of area where the monsoon blinds need to be fitted and we make custom fit blinds for that area.

Monsoon Blinds for Bangalore tropical weather conditions


Our Monsoon blinds are well suited for Bangalore tropical weather conditions. Monsoon blinds helps protect from rain, wind, harsh glare or heat. Bangalore has different conditions all over the year. This monsoon blinds helps very well for the complete year.

Monsoon Blinds - Easy to Operate


Monsoon blinds keeps interior comfortable. Bangalore has a beautiful weather, you can operate easily by lowering or rolling up to enjoy the beautiful outdoor weather. Monsoon blinds comes with easy operating systems.

Monsoon Blinds - suitable for Bangalore weather


Monsoon is the one of the best method to block rain water but still have clear outside view. Monsoon blinds can be rolled up anytime so unlike the fixed glass you can get the advantage both indoor and outdoor life. Monsoon blinds can be operated by anyone at home.

Monsoon Blinds - Keeps interior unaffected


Monsoon blinds helps to keep make the interior comfortable and unaffected. It can prevent the furniture and other accessories getting affected by outdoor weather such as rain and dust.

Monsoon Blinds - withstand heavy weather conditions


Our Monsoon blinds comes with the best operating system and hardware fittings to withstand heavy weather conditons. it is well suited for strong sea winds or for heavy wind and rain fall.

Monsoon Blinds for resorts, beach clubs, farm house, balcony & outdoor dining spaces


Monsoon blinds gives a clear outside. This helps resorts, beach clubs, farm house, balcony & outdoor dining spaces a clear outside view. This protects the heat, rain and dust coming in.

Clear Acrylic Plastic Monsoon Blinds, Bangalore


We manufacture monsoon blinds with clear acrylic plastic. This helps for a clear outside view from your outdoor space, balcony or dinning area.

Monsoon Blinds - Roman & Roller Variety


Monsoon Blinds comes with both roman & roller variety. The most common is the roman variety if the blinds height is high. Both the varieties are easy to operate. Anyone at home can easily operate the blinds without any hassles.

Monsoon Blinds - clear extruded PVC material


Ultra clear extruded PVC material, allowing natural light and visual permeability while blocking winters chilling winds and rain. The superb quality Monsoon Blinds are especially designed to withstand tough weather conditions such as heavy rains, storms and heavy winds.

Monsoon Blinds - better outside visibility


Monsoon blinds protect against the onslaught of the monsoon, and gusty winds. Usage of transparent sheets ensures visibility both ways. All fittings are made of pure stainless steel for strength, and are easy to operate.

Monsoon Blinds - clear extruded PVC material


Monsoon Blinds Body - made of 0.5 mm UV stabilized thick transparent PVC sheets, Monsoon Blinds HeadRail - Extruded aluminum of 1.2mm wall thickness with Powder coated finish, Monsoon Blinds Pulleys, Cover plates and Bottom anchor for guide cables - Made of 304 grade Stainless steel for Anti rusting Bracers - Extruded Aluminum 0f 1.5 mm wall thickness at aprox.18" interval Guide Cables - 4 mm high grade steel

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